Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is Carmen with a bunch of little American Girl Dolls someone gave her.
It is hard to transition to a life without Carmen. You all have been so incredibly kind and generous with us it is amazing. I am glad Carmen is not suffering anymore. I love going and sitting in her room. It is warm and peaceful in there, and it is almost like I am still sitting next to her as she lay in bed. I love my family dearly. It is hard to explain how lucky I feel. I am sad at my lost opportunities and friendship with Carmen, but I feel so lucky to have had her at all. I feel very lucky, or blessed, to have each of my boys too. I have a wonderful, beautiful family. They drive me crazy too. We have fights and problems just like everyone, but overall life is so good.
We don't know a good way to post our talks and Reed's song online still, so if you would like a copy of anything you may email us at: galbraith7@att.net.


mom of three tweakers said...

Reed and Dorothy,

I am so glad that you are both posting on here! I have looked on Carmen's page here and there and felt sad that there were no new postings. I got so used to reading about her and sharing in your feelings! Even thought I have spoken with you two, reading your words helps all of us feel included in your lives. With the way you both opened up your life/home to everyone, it has made us feel like part of your family.

I am happy that you are sharing current info. with us about your outings, and pictures of the boys. I hope that they are holding up ok, too. I think of you guys every day. Even when I look at my boys and feel so much love for them, I think of Carmen and how much you must miss her. You sharing Carmen with me has helped me to appreciate my children more and helped me to take time to enjoy the little moments with them.

I love you guys and pray for you to be full of peace and love and strength.


Naji said...

Hello Dorothy, Reed, and boys!

I was so glad that you are posting new stories for us to read. Your postings help me to feel close with Carmen and all of you as well.

We just returned from Hawaii and Naji wrote Carmen's name with white coral on the black lava at the Place of Refuge on the Big Island (our favorite place to watch green sea turtles) ...I will email you the pictures. Naji still talks about Carmen and Dorothy all the time.

Thanks for posting, it is a comfort for us all. Love you guys!

DeanaJ said...

I love that picture, so sweet.